What websites do you accept?

We accept any type of website for both advertisers and publishers. We reserve the right to refuse any website or content that we do not wish to have in our system. Websites promoting pornographical material, terrorism, racism or illegal drug paraphernalia will be refused.

As a publisher, how do I get paid?

Ads75 has a NET 30 schedule for payment. For example, if you join on the 1st of January all earnings for January will be paid on 1st March. All earnings in February will be paid on 1st April and so on. Minimal payout is $10 and payment is made via PayPal.

As an advertiser, what anti fraud system do you have to protect my investment?

We use an IP checking system to monitor both clicks and impressions. Only 1 click or 5 impressions per IP will be counted towards your costs.

How many ad slots can I place on one single page?

You can place upto 6 ad slots on any one page. If you place any more than 6 ad slots on a page, the system will stop monetizing your ads and you will lose potential revenue.

What do you pay per click or per impression?

We pay 75% of revenue to our publishers on our cost per click plan. 10 valid clicks will earn you $0.75 USD. You can also earn $0.75 USD per 100 impressions.